Monday, August 18, 2008

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

Scott Giambusso, bass player and teacher extraordinaire (and the G in GHz) will be hosting an open mic at Mei's Asian Bistro in Arlingtron starting this Thursday. He recently sent this shout out: (Knowing Scott, I think of it as a Tarzan kind of yell ululating through the wilderness of DC.)

The party begins at 7pm and will go until 10 p.m. or till the last singer has sung.

I will provide two mics (for duets) and a guitar and of course my trusty bongos.
(I'm hoping to see an accordion and a couple of trumpets walk in the door just so you will know what you are in for) I would like to recreate the atmosphere of Greg and Ruthie's Half-moon Jamboree and the One Step Down Jam sessions, but I can't do it without your help.

I'm inviting all the singers and players I know to come out and enjoy some of the wonderful talent in the Washington area. I specialize in old jazz standards, but I have a bunch of great rock music in my hip pocket, and I am willing to accompany all the singers if I know the tune. Otherwise you can bring your instruments and do your thing. (This is really about me getting a chance to play my bongos.)

Mei's is a great venue with wonderful acoustics and lots of seating and a big bar.
Did I mention this is a Japanese / Chinese restaurant ? There is a full Sushi Bar for the raw fish aficionados, and Thursday night there is a free sake tasting during happy hour.The Washington music community is sorely lacking in a place to congregate and meet and share our craft with each other. Mei's has a lot of potential to become an entertainment venue.

Scott is a DC native and seasoned musician who just wants world peace and cannot give a straight answer if he can help it. Please come out and support his efforts to start a new scene.

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