Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The No Dead Horses Tour

A large part of my DC Rocks mission statement is covering the amazing in your face shows around here- the small places with low covers - and lucky for us- a DC scene rife with talented, veteran musicians.
This week's jaunt down Washington's musical memory lane -includes former members of The Razz, The Slickee Boys and The Hangmen to name a few. See them this FRIDAY NIGHT when Ottley! and The Howling Mad take The teeny tiny Velvet Lounge by storm.
(Speaking of in your face- nothing quite says in your face more than catching a show fronted by either Michael Reidy or Martha Hull.)

Sign me up !!!

The thing about these bands is that they are made up of musicians that- despite their years on the scene- are NOT stuck in the way back machine. Their music and sound is still evolving and impressive, and the energy level is somewhere off the charts. As they say on their own behalf it's about- "reuniting -not retreading."

I'll buy that. And for eight bucks- you can, too- this Friday night- Velvet Lounge- The No Dead Horses Tour. Opening up will be another local favorite- Dollar Bin.

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