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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Political spin is a DC hometown industry, but I’m into a whole different kind of spin and it usually involves a beer and a dance floor. No, not that kind of spin. I'm into lyrics, and this Saturday, September 20 at the Surf Club you can see three bands - Yell County, Pup Tent and Tru Fax and the Insaniacs- all with their own versions of spin on things.

Yell County is named for Joel Maupin’s home county in Arkansas. I might tell an idyllic version of my youthful summers in Danville, Arkansas, my Mom’s hometown, hanging out with hunting dogs and eating fried okra. But Yell County has songs like Conveyor Belt of Death – or at least my take is- what happens if you stay there and work at the chicken plant. That’s definitely a different spin on that story

Puptent has a unique sound, but their lyrics are one-of-a-kind, too. They love to spin love into politics, and history into future visions. Each song has a story and many are serious. One favorite of mine is Safer- an ode to "homeland security" gone awry. "We’ve gone through your garbage, we’ve read all your emails; we know where you’re shopping, you will be safer at last."

Finally you might think Tru Fax and the InsaniacsPictures of You is a catchy love song. Listen closer; it’s also about obsession and I think it’s really kind of creepy. You might hum along with the chorus of Pinned Under a Jet and think it’s an ode to something nice. It’s actually about being pinned under a jet. Not nice. Tru Fax and the Insaniacs’ spin can be ironic, irreverent or political. And of course their hit Washingtron is the ultimate ode to an indigenous species still found inside the Beltway– the yuppies who inspired this song over twenty years ago and who just keep mutating.

See you Saturday – Support Local Bands – Support Surf Club Live!

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