Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Got to Know Where to Go

photo courtesy of DC ROCKS

One night, not too long ago, in the wilds of Northern Virginia where DC and Maryland people often fall into Black Holes of Doubt and Bewilderment as they travel, we stumbled into JV's  just to get our bearings. JV's Restaurant lurks in an innocuous strip mall on Route 50 - one of the treacherous tentacles leading out of Seven Corners. It's just the kind of hold out place you'd expect to find an ass kicking band if you were a character in a movie, but this can actually happen here. Dave Chappell was on stage that evening, and the show was unforgettable. This Thursday he'll be back again with Bruce Swaim on sax and drummer Barry Hart. (Barry gave everyone a scare last month so we are very happy to see that he is back in the saddle.)

9 p.m. / No cover.

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