Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rave On Buddy Holly

Fifty three years ago this Sunday, Buddy Holly and fellow musicians Richie Valens and JP Richardson (the Big Bopper) climbed into a tiny plane on a snowy night hoping to make it to the next gig well ahead of their tour bus. Instead all aboard including the young pilot were killed when the plane went down in a cornfield, not long after take off.

Buddy Holly wrote a Cadillac load of songs during his short twenty two years on Earth, and that legacy raves on and on and on. This Saturday a whole lot of musicians (including Ruthie and the Wranglers, David Kitchen and Billy Coulter) are getting together to celebrate Buddy's music all night long at Blob's Park and Bavarian Beer Garden- just off the highway in Jessup. Blob's is the perfect venue for this kind of thing, and it's the real McCoy as far as atmosphere goes-a long time family run beer hall and restaurant with a huge dance floor in case you need to sock hop.

Only $15/11 bands (!)

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