Friday, January 18, 2013

Were You There?

 Did they or didn't they? Rumor has it that long long ago, in our galaxy,  Led Zeppelin played a youth center far out in the suburbs of DC during their first tour of America. This Sunday, 44 years later, local intrepid film maker Jeff Krulik's film quest for truth is screening one time only at the AFI Silver theater.  Led Zeppelin Played Here explores whether this concert  did or or did not take place at the Wheaton Youth Center on January 20, 1969. Lots of people remember hearing about it, but did Jeff ever find someone who was actually there?

On the other hand, as far as we know, guitar surf band The Atomic Mosquitos and the hopelessly stranded on Fantasy Island- you gotta see 'em to believe it-  Yachtsmen are playing the Galaxy Hut this Sunday January 20, 2013. Maybe one day some kid with a camera will roam the streets of Arlington asking people if they remember the Hut and the bands and the great beer selection, and whether or not you were there, or whether you just heard about it...

Both shows are 9 p.m. Both $5

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