Thursday, January 17, 2013

Obamarama Alternatives

This weekend our town's all a buzz about the Inaugeration, but we probably have a different take on things than the rest of the country. For us it's all about traffic being snarled (more than usual) and the Metro schedule being screwed up, and what parts of town to avoid if you just want to hoist a beer. If you are not going to one of those swanky type balls or parties (which includes 89 percent of the people that I know) there's plenty of other things to check out like The Grandsons playing the Artisphere with Arty Hill on Saturday. Here's the scoop from Chris Watling:

"This is a fantastic venue, with great sound, lights, huge dance floor, free parking, AND we'll be sharing the night with KARL STRAUB, one of our favorite songwriters and his excellent band." $15 / 8 p.m. in the ball room. 

Plus there's a crazy new band in town jammed full of talent including Dan Hovey, Billy Price, Pete Ragusa and much more. Be the first in your school to check out Soul Serenaders at the Kenmont Swim Club in Kensington- also on Saturday night at 8 p.m. ( The pool is closed but it's still "adult swim") Click on the poster below and take a look at everybody on this gig...

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