Sunday, October 13, 2013

Don't Dismember This Plan

A lot of shows at the old 9:30 are hazy to me. I often can't recall if I saw a band or just saw it listed on the calendar, but music fan Scott Stenger clearly remembers when Dismemberment Plan played F Street with the Embers in 1994 or '95:

"Their energy was what made it unforgettable. I found myself completely engaged in their performance. It was nothing like I had ever seen before! Their witty banter between songs immediately won me over. I've seen them a dozen times since then, but I will never forget that show, which was the first time that I saw them."

Dismemberment Plan must be doing something right because they've got two nights coming up at the new 9:30, and DC Rocks is giving away a pair of tickets to their show on October 19 with local art rockers Deleted Scenes. Just write to Please put D- Plan in the subject box, and "I wanna go" in the message unless you have a better memory than I do and want to share a story. Contest ends by midnight on Tuesday.

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