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Thursday, October 10, 2013


A couple of years ago,  I was in a car with a CD player, but I thought I was listening to music on the radio. I was wondering how I missed the band I was hearing: they had a Sixties psychedelic groove going on what was usually a boring classic rock station.  Then I realized it wasn't FM radio, it was our own Beatnik Flies who have been together since 1978,  and it was their CD playing on the sound system.  ( Remember them ? They played the old 9:30 all the time. No, not the guy with the blonde 'fro. That was the Insect Surfers)

I saw The Beatnik Flies over the summer at the Quarry House, and they rocked the house down, but like a lot of things that are over thirty, don't take it for granted they will be around forever. (My 1970s era washing machine finally gave up the ghost just last month.) Beatnik Flies are on deck this Saturday at the Tree House Lounge- another new place to check out on Florida Ave NE. 7 Door Sedan, a perennial favorite, as well as Sister Ex and G U T S are also on the bill which will be providing music 'til the cows come home. Show starts promptly at 8.

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