Friday, October 25, 2013

Sorry, Diana!

We have a winner for the Zombie/Southern Culture show.  Congratulations Michael Bennet! It was a random drawing, but many of you had winning answers which showcased your highly evolved senses of humor- perhaps the only thing that can truly save you from a Zombie Apocalypse.

Here's one from Tru Fax's irrepressible Diane Quinn:

I don't like entering contests because I never win them.  I should
have won that red bike with the essay I wrote on the history of
bicycle clothes when i was 10 which included the perfect outfit for a
Victorian girl. I still carry the bitterness of losing that contest. And, when i was five, my mom sewed the best witch dress, cloak and pointed hat ever, but I lost to Mark Scheibly, whose father owned the little town store. He wore a manufactured Caspar the
Friendly Ghost costume. How could a store-bought costume have won? I
was outraged.

Hope to see you all there - win lose of draw. (blood)

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