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Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Festivus

Ruthie Logsdon, like a lot of musicians around here, is always looking for a good place to play in Montgomery County. This past year at a tribute fundraiser for drummer Barry Hart, she went to the Golden Bull in Gaithersburg, and here's what she thought:

" Wow, where has this place been hiding? Seems like wasted space where bands should be showcased ! Before that, the only time I went there was for a seafood dinner with a mega salad bar (then a new feature) on special occasions with my family when I grew up in Rockville. It's relatively new (as far as hosting bands there goes), but I'm okay with helping to break it in- especially since they have a full bar." 

Help Ruthie and the Wranglers sample those sixteen beers on tap this Saturday- after all it is an October fest kind of thing to do.  And only $10 for a full night of music.

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