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Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Day Virginia May Day

Getting lost in the wilds of Northern Virginia is a given if you are from Maryland or D.C. Navigation tools just lead to a quiet sensation of panic.  Compasses naturally point South to Richmond, the former capital. The Bermuda triangle? Just a day at the beach compared to words like North Glebe, Gallows Road and Dixie (or is it Lee ?) Highway.

That being said, Westover Market and Beer Garden in what is loosely called Arlington is truly worth finding even though the last time I went I thought I had made a way wrong turn when I saw a sign for the Italian Store...
But I digress.Where else can you find a goofy little bar attached to a market with an absurdly large selection of beers? But wait, there's more. An outdoor patio-not your upscale Bethesda type patio-but more like a friend's over the top back yard party with fire pits and live music.  This Friday's May Day line up is nothing short of stellar: David Kitchen's band which this time includes Johnny Coombs on bass, Andy "the axe" Rutherford,  and "Big Beat" himself, Ben Holmes on drums.

Westover Market is roughly only 15 minutes from DC with a trusted guide and only an hour and a half without.

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