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Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekends Are For Wusses

Mondays are not for the feeble. This first day of the work n school week can be rough, but that is why hard core music fans need to get out and show they will NOT be daunted by Mondays nor the Man. For your convenience- this Monday three bands will be cranking at the Galaxy Hut. Sometimes I am at a loss for words to describe a group's musical  style, but fortunately for me the Delarcos' guitar man Jon Hamblin summed this show up quite nicely :

"We,the Delarcos(kinda punkish)open at 9,followed by Denizens of Washington (I'm told they are post-prog prog), with the Godz ('66 ESP recording artists, psychedelic proto-punk, song "Radar Eyes") headlining. (NOT the '78 proto hair metal band from Columbus, Ohio)

By the by the Hut is my favorite haunt for beer and ambiance West of the River any day of the week. 

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