Thursday, April 2, 2015


I just returned from a long and beautiful weekend in one of the most magical cities I know. And I know I know I know what it means to miss New Orleans even though my closest friend there is someone I met here in DC when she bartended at the 9:30 Club back on F Street. 

She was instrumental (hah) in my attending  a very musical wedding this weekend with so many DC-New Orleans connections/friends/musicians  that I can't even begin to count them all.

And the relationships are more convoluted the Springfield Mixing bowl. 

Thus imagine my surprise to see Galactic -a jam band "from" New Orleans playing the 9:30 this very Friday and Saturday nights. Galactic began here in the Washington area in the 1990s before it morphed into another one of those commingled affairs from New Orleans. Friday DC's own Chopteeth -where Afro funk party beat meets James Brown- will be opening.

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