Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Mathematics of Rock

Eight dollars is what it will cost to see the show this Friday night with Marshall Keith, Ubangis, the Silver Screams and History Repeated at the rock hole that is the Velvet Lounge. 

Eight bucks. 

Yes, eight dollars buys you four musical acts consisting of let's say at least 13-14 people who will split those eight bills and apply that cashola to the costs of a vehicle and gas money to get to the gig, musical instruments and gear, not to mention the time spent loading in, loading out, years and years of practice, rehearsals and writing original lyrics and music.  I am not a math major, but I'm thinking each band member stands to lose about $880 dollars and 65 cents each here.


For you. and you and you there with the glasses. 
(God knows they don't do it for the money.)

Saturday Night rumor has it that more icons of the DC music scene may be sitting in with the Vi-Kings at Clyde's Chevy Chase. 

No cover here so I'll let you do the math. 

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