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Friday, April 12, 2013

Outside the Box

All right you all. I know you're my readers today for one reason and one reason only- to avoid doing your taxes. But please, lift your heads from your computers, your receipts and your W2s and look out the window. LOOK out there. What an amazing scene here in Washington. Everywhere you look is a stunning riot of biology.

Regeneration is a beautiful thing, and no less beautiful is watching luminous musicians like Alice Despard and Marshall Keith run through the whole musical gamut of playing in bands all their lives only to emerge as solo artists who have pared themselves down to an extremely personal and pure essence of sound. Marshall Keith (Slickee Boys) and the Alice Despard Group will be at Alice's  creation- the Galaxy Hut this Sunday. Get out from under whatever you are doing, and instead of preparing returns- prepare to be amazed.

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