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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That 70s Show

Dig deep in your sock drawer or wherever you bury the ticket stubs. Dig in the closet or maybe under a book shelf. Hey, is that a copy of "The Infiltrator" that artistic rag abut town from way back when? What've we got for 1979's calendar ? Let's see: Razz at Desperado's, Razz at the Ontario Theater, Razz at the Backstage Arlington, Razz at the Psyche Delly,  Razz at the Back Room.... and all of that was just in March.

Dig around in your brain, and you might remember that crazy pre punk rock band. They were loud, and they were wild, and now they are back.  With the exception of Ted Nicely, the original Razz line up is revving up to play the 9:30 Club's Soundbites event on May 19th.  Look for Michael Reidy, Abaad Behran, Doug Tull and Bill Craig, with former Slickee Boy, Mark Noone filling in on bass.  Stay tuned to this space for more details and a chance to win tickets early next month. (Click on the art above if you want to dig further into the DC scene in 1979.)

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