Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Springtime Slam

April 7th 2012 Potomac River

Warm Spring weather often seems to arrive in DC like a sledgehammer. The upside is all the blooming and budding and regenerating produces a wondrous non-stop flora and fauna show.  The bad is the sudden wardrobe adjustments. Last Tuesday the high was 51. Today the thermometer is supposed to climb to the mid 80s.  It's like that old hot/cold game: DC, you're getting warmer, warmer... oh! Now you're HOT!

But every year is different. I feel sorry for the cherry blossom people because no matter what the similar patterns are, the arrival of the sledgehammer varies wildly year to year. Last year this week, all of the leaves were out, and the grass was shin high near Fletcher's Boat House. This year the non blossoming trees still look bare naked.

But whenever the heat comes on, if you are like me, you look for the nearest cool building. Looking around today,  I see former dc space denizen, Cynthia Connolly still has her exhibition Letters on Top of Buildings going at the Corcoran Gallery of Art through June 23rd. A cool thing happening in a cool place, and something to do besides digging out the window screens.

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