Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Robins Are in the Air

Spring comes no matter what madness is trying to consume our world this week, and Spring reminds me of robins. I grew up with a crush on Robin the Boy Wonder. At seven, I had no idea the TV show was based on a comic book, and I took the whole thing very seriously. Also I guess I could relate more to a boy than that old guy, Adam West. (Now I'll bet I'm older than both of those characters put together. )

Have to admit I was more into Robin than Batman

I also grew up believing the first sign of Spring was the return of the American Robin. The bird's scientific name "turdus migratorious definitely suggests movement, but it doesn't seem like mandatory migration is happening anymore. I've noticed these guys sticking around all year. (In the winter of Aught-Nine, I don't know if they were coming or going, but I saw the biggest ass flock of Robins I'd ever seen- before or since- on that snowy day in my yard.)

The third Robyn in my consciousness comes from seeing shows at the old 9:30 Club. and that Robyn is appearing at the "new" 9:30 later this month with Peter Buck. If you know who I'm talking about, then you might be interested in a pair of free tickets for this show Just write to and put "Robyn" in the subject line, and your favorite sign of spring in the message for your chance to win. (Contest ends this Sunday April 21.)

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