Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saturday Pop Quiz

If anyone knows why this Saturday is special, please raise your hands.

Okay, all of you that said 420 can go wait in the hall with the rest of your friends. All you kids who said Rccord Store Day, stay with me.  Who remembers buying records at Kemp Mill? How about Olsson's, Melody or the Disc Shop down near Dupont Circle? Or Variety in Wheaton Plaza? Then there were the pre big box stores for the thrifty amongst us like Korvette's and Super Giant on the Pike. And last, but certainly not least, (considering his doors are still open) is Joe's Record Paradise. Joe's is not just a store, but also a resilient witness to the rise and fall and rebirth of disc like things played on turntables.

This Saturday celebrate vinyl and Record Store Day. Go by the shop and say hey to Joe. Or better yet- catch him at the AFI screening of "Record Paradise: The Musical Life of Joe Lee"
Showtime 8 p.m /$5

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